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Ned Frost
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Dr. Edmund L. Frost III

Executive Vice President of Geosciences

Dr. Frost joined Matador Resources Company in August 2014 as a Senior Geologist and in July 2015 was promoted to Chief Geologist. In June 2017, he was promoted to Vice President of Geosciences, and in July 2019, Dr. Frost was promoted to Senior Vice President of Geosciences.

In February 2023, Dr. Frost was promoted to Executive Vice President of Geosciences. Prior to joining the Company, Dr. Frost worked at the Bureau of Economic Geology at The University of Texas at Austin as a Research Associate, a role he began in 2011. While at The University of Texas, his research focused on unconventional resource development in the Delaware Basin and in the Austin Chalk-Eagle Ford system. Dr. Frost began his career in the Subsurface Technology Group at ConocoPhillips in 2007, where he worked a variety of international and domestic basins.

Dr. Frost received a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1998 and a PhD degree in Geology in 2007 from The University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Frost has authored several peer-reviewed papers, conducted multiple industry presentations and led a number of industry field trips in the Delaware Basin.