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Adventurous. Energetic. Strong-minded.

Our company is at the forefront of exploring and developing unconventional hydrocarbon resource plays in the United States. We’re looking for highly motivated people who share our passion for the oil and natural gas industry and are eager to expand their career horizons. 

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Here’s just some of what we offer:

A place to grow. At Matador, you have the autonomy to shape how you do your job and where your career takes you. Our people are encouraged to take on new responsibilities and challenges, while learning about different aspects of the oil and natural gas business. We will help you expand your skills and knowledge.

A great working environment. It takes a village to drill a well. At Matador, you will be part of a nimble, results-focused team. You will work alongside positive, talented people who take their work seriously – but not themselves. We know one another’s strengths, and we check our egos at the door. Winning is not just a suggestion at Matador-- it is a passion.

A competitive package. Our compensation and benefits compare favorably to those of our industry peers. We offer a comprehensive compensation package that includes:

  • Competitive base pay, 
  • Discretionary bonus opportunities, 
  • Company contributions to 401k plans, 
  • An employee stock purchase plan,
  •  A robust and affordable health insurance program, 
  •  A 9-80 flex schedule in the Dallas office, allowing employees to have every other Friday off, and
  • Restricted stock grants and stock options that we tailor to the individual so that everyone can participate in the growth of the company.

Summer Intern

Summer Intern Program

We believe investing into Matador’s interns is a win-win scenario that leads to more capable individuals and strengthens Matador’s talent pipeline. Through our tailored program, our interns gain valuable experience and become more prepared to help our team succeed after college. 

Matador’s internship program is open to university and graduate students and equates to a three-month interview throughout the summer. Each intern has the opportunity to participate in the organization as much as a fulltime employee would. 

As a Matador intern, you will:

  • Develop skills in your field
  • Expand your toolbox as a leader and professional
  • Begin defining what is important to you from an employer
  • Understand Matador’s core values
  • Learn and have fun doing it
  • Set and achieve goals that will improve you and Matador

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Drilling Rig

Matador Core Values

These values define our culture and are the foundation of our company:

  • Character/Integrity
  • Intellect
  • Curiosity
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership

If you’re committed to getting better every day, Matador is the place for you.

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Better Together

At Matador, we believe that a team-first approach leads to superior execution and accelerated development for our employees. As we often say: “We’re better together.” If you want to join a team of equally hard-working professionals to build something meaningful, Matador is the place for you. 

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Our Employees

Community Engagement

We consider ourselves fortunate to be in the oil and natural gas business and to have our track record of success. As a result, we think it’s important to give back – both to the communities in which we operate and to other important charities.

In addition to providing financial support, we know the importance of being involved in the community and donating our time. For example, after collecting toys during the holiday season each year, we personally deliver those toys to various charities, such as the local sheriff's offices in Lea and Eddy Counties, New Mexico, to be given to local children. Similarly, a group of Matador employees delivered food to various food banks as part of our annual food drive resulting in more than 184,000 meals to date.

We are proud of our charitable involvement to date, and, as we continue to grow, we look forward to having an even greater impact in the communities in which we operate and the charities with which we are involved. 

Community Engagement

Company Culture

Company Culture & Employee Development

Our people are our most important asset. We invest the time, attention and resources necessary to recruit, retain and develop an extraordinary team.

Matador has an “open door” policy and each of our employees has the opportunity to work directly with, and be mentored by, experienced leaders. We also encourage formal training and study, requiring employees to complete at least 40 hours of continuous education annually. In 2022, our employees exceed, this requirement by completing an average of 50 hours per employee which amounts to more than 16,000 total hours.

To foster cohesiveness, Matador sponsors several team-building events throughout the year, including sports tournaments, endurance events and company-wide skills challenges.

Our culture of teamwork and the ethical pursuit of success is a testament to more than forty years of dedication, hard work and continuous improvement. We are proud of this culture, and we are making sure to preserve it as Matador continues to grow.